Welcome to Theleston

Welcome to Theleston

…a world where ancient and terrible cosmic powers from beyond threaten common people only dimly aware of their existence, where the hands of gods move upon the face of the world using the denizens as the pawns and prizes of their games, where humanity struggles to remember its lost past and survive a tumultuous future. Welcome to Theleston.

An ever-evolving, low-fantasy world where strange horrors from beyond the mortal planes lurk in the shadows, waiting for their chance to take control, Theleston is as heavily influenced by its medieval backdrop as by the tale of Cthulhu and other weird fiction and horror from the 30s and 40s. Uniquely designed for collaborative storytelling and roleplaying, it serves as the setting for a myriad of interactive experiences.

Follow us into Theleston, join the community, explore our world, share your adventures.


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