The Evolution of Theleston

Almost twenty years ago, a pair of game developers witnessed the birth and growth of a new form of online video game, the massively multiplayer role playing game (MMORPG). They watched as this genre evolved and turned away from the promise of open and virtual worlds, instead bending more and more into heavily-directed experiences, what would be called “theme parks” today. The world of Theleston was born out of their apprehension of this trend.

At first, Theleston was simply “what we’d do if we were making one of these,” but over the years, the ideas and vision these developers shared began to take form and the nebulous concept became a world of its own. In 2014, Skyward* partnered with Illfonic, LLC, with the goal of producing “a perfect MMO.” Revival is a Massively Evolving Online World (MEOW) set in the world of Theleston, a world under siege by cosmic forces, struggling to rebuild.

Unfortunately, shifting production priorities at IllFonic meant that Revival was put on indefinite hold so the partnership was dissolved, with Skyward* retaining stewardship of the concept and intellectual property.

Today, the development of Theleston continues as a fully realized and detailed universe and the perfect setting for strange adventures in any medium, be it tabletop role playing game, fantasy novel or video game. is the home for all things Theleston. If you have questions about the world of Theleston or any of the products set in it, this is the place to find your answers.

About Skyward* Corp.

Founded by Christopher Holtorf and Adam Maxwell, Skyward* Corp. started as a video game production house and game design consultancy in early 2011. In addition to their current efforts on a project yet to be disclosed, the company has contributed to over 15 titles including projects such as Armored Warfare, Star Citizen, World of Tanks and Moving Hazard.

Applying decades of research and experience with the nature of tabletop and online RPGs, the developers of Skyward* carry forward many of the core concepts and features of Revival as they act as the key visionaries and architects of Thelston’s future development.

About the Founders

Born from the Revival community, the Founders have been with us from the start, playing a pivotal role in the creation of and an inspiration for the world of Theleston. Many Founders maintain an active role in Theleston today, helping to forge its future hand in hand with the developers at Skyward* Corp.

In a way, the Founders are why Theleston continues to develop even now; in addition to their contributions, it is their faith and support that inspired us to keep Theleston alive and they have our continued and eternal gratitude for this.

Adam has been a game developer since the 1990s, focusing on game design and writing. Over the years he became known for his system and mechanics design skills, cultivating a reputation as a developer with a keen sense of the dynamics of interaction and the principles of emergent behavior. He is responsible for the core of the mechanics and technologies behind the game incarnations of Theleston.

Online, he is known as @Snipehunter on twitter and streams as BetMonty of the DoP Crew on

Christopher has been known as a master storyteller since the early 1990s, adding the skills of a top notch game and game content designer to his storyteller’s tool kit in the decades since. As the architect of countless worlds Christopher has honed a sense of what it takes to create compelling stories in realistic worlds. He is responsible for the lore, history and feel of the world of Theleston and acts as its primary storyteller.

Chris goes by @Ombwah on twitter and streams with the DoP Crew on