The Lore of Theleston

Out of the cold ashes of a world besieged by the bizarre Outer Gods, the light of civilization has again been sparked. The flame grows among those of the Synod of Elder Congregations, and spreads across the wide continent of Greyshore. Will you join the children of Animae in their explorations, discoveries and triumphs, or embrace the otherworldly powers that brought Theleston to its knees so long ago?

The world of Theleston is wide as the years are long, and is dotted with the ruins of past civilizations, fallen in the lost ages before the New Reckoning. The people of Theleston, forced to band together against the forces of the Outer Gods, now seek to rebuild their empires, and rediscover their heritage. Will rekindling the flames of the once-great cultures of Theleston return its people to glory, or will those fires grow unchecked, and bring them again to ruin?

Locations in Theleston

The continents of Greyshore and Anakhatha embrace deep Blackwell Sound and comprise the Known Worlde as recorded by the Brauggine Monks.


The continent of Greyshore encompasses a wide variety of climates and landscapes. Most of the continent sits in a band of temperate to sub-tropical climate, and ranges from rolling hills to grasslands, through the mountainous regions near Falcreek in the Southwest, and Skypass in the North rising high and cold. East of Valir, across the wide savannahs, deciduous forests spread in the shadow of The Matron of the Seawarden Range, while southward around the coast broods the small cluster of jagged ridges surrounding the mysterious peak still called Starhold by the Brauggine. On the inside coast sits Tide’s End, the shipping hub, across the sound from rain-washed Crowns Rock, the region’s melting pot, cathedral and crossroads.


The sister continent to Greyshore sits across Blackwell Sound to the North. A duality incarnate, Anakhatha is literally divided by the Sentinel Range into two very different worlds, the lush grasslands where once dwelt the Khollaja, and the stark and stony Ghoravi deserts. A vast freshwater sea feeds the wide and uninhabited grasslands of the western continent, in drastic contrast to the arid and dusty stone shelves of the east, which rise steadily to the northeast into a jumble of stones colloquially named Khanasmurdh or “Khollaja’s Crown.”

The Blackwell Isles

Cradled between the larger landmasses of Greyshore and Anakhatha lies the archipelago of the Blackwell Isles. These isolated islands, once a refuge for monks seeking hermitage, have since grown to provide shelter and support for traders, fishermen, even the occasional pirate.

The Planes of Existence

For most, the existence of realities beyond the everyday of Theleston is considered a matter for priests and monks, but for the learned, these realities represent very real threats and opportunities. From the realm of Animae, the lady of life and death, to the dark void between creations that is the home of the Outer Gods, these planes of existence await the daring and the mad.

History of Theleston

In the West, in a stone-walled Brauggine monastery built in the saddle of the highest peaks of The Bulwhark, on the long night of Ald Winter, a pact was made between the last of those that still followed the Elder Gods, Braugg, Animae, Hoen, and Nodens. Thus was born the Synod of the Elder Congregations upon Theleston, and out of an epoch of darkness, began the era of the New Reckoning.

Hazards of Theleston

The lands of Theleston are vast and varied, as are the dangers. Opportunistic brigands prey on unwary travelers, the untracked wilds are home to many beasts, feral, brash, and unafraid of man. Yet beyond even these, Theleston’s most horrible secrets sleep, lurking in the far unknown, awaiting the time that they will again claim ascendancy.

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